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Geotagging: Yellow Vintage Camera With Spirit Level On Old Berne Map

Geotagging: Introduction and Discussion - Photography Knowledge - MindScaper PictureHunting ¦
Assigning Positions to Photosread more ❯

Berne Minster in the Fog - Berne by Night in HDR

High Dynamic Range Photograhy - An Introduction
¦ MindScaper's Photo Blog @lens-shutter.netread more ❯

Bundeshaus in B&W - Berne Fisheye

Introduction to Fisheye Photography - MindScaper's photo Blog @ Lens-Shutter.netread more ❯

Fisheye Lense MC-Zenitar-M 16/2.8 Equipement with Leica M8 Rangefinder

The fisheye lense MC-Zenitar-M 16/2.8 is used with fullframe Leica M rangefinder camera. The fisheye lense is described and experiences with samples made with fullframe Leica M's are presented. read more ❯

Leica M8 Ranginder Camera with Fisheye Lense MC-Zenitar-M 16/2.8

The fisheye lense MC-Zenitar-M 16/2.8 is used with Leica M8. The fisheye effect is limmited due to the cropped image sensor (crop Factor 1.3333). Experiences with samples are presented.read more ❯

Berne Evening Rise in April - HDR

Sample of making a HDR image (Berne Evening Rise) The standard Lightroom HDR image before White Balance (Temperature) Correction: Berne Skyline at Evenig Rise - HDR, Rosengarten...read more ❯

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